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1.My heart is blind but I do not care】 -我的心已经坏了,但我不在乎。
3.I hope that your dreams are as sweet as you are. 愿你的梦,甜美如你。
4.——Smile can be used to hide cry笑可以用来掩饰哭。
5.Hi,my long lost love.你好,我久违的爱。
6.Carving time together.曾一起雕刻的时光
8.The sun is great, because it will consume their own.
9.Youth is wasted, while we are still young, go crazy .青春就是用来浪费的,趁我们还年轻, 疯狂吧。
10.No rose without a thorn .没有不带刺的玫瑰
11.Without you I can also live well every day. 没你我也可以过好每一天。
12.I am usually pretty bored. 我通常都感觉很无聊。
13.This summer, mosquitoes are most hurts me.这个夏天蚊子最疼我
14.I am your traveler, you are my heart.--我是你的过客,你却是我的心
15.- Caught up in your smile. (沉迷在你的微笑里 )
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